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Storytelling 2011

19 February 2011: 1 – 6 pm

The Thirteen Moons Storytelling

Adult Activities (Youth activities follow below)

12:30pm-3:00pm—Registration Sign-in

1:00pm—Pipe Ceremony Brian John

1:15pm— Jim Northrup

1:30pm— Ojibwe Hymn Singers

1:45pm—Jeff Savage Reading

2:00pm—Al Hunter

2:15pm— Andy Favorite

2:30pm—Bibigwanan Wendy Savage

2:45pm—Isabelle Blanchard

3:00pm—Mary Moose

3:15pm—Leonard Moose

3:30pm—Rick Defoe

3:45pm—Morris Blanchard

4:00pm—Butch Martineau

4:15pm—Marcie Rendon

4:30pm—Anishinaabe Youth Singers

4:45pm –Alan “Chip” Beal

5:00pm—Sara Howes Agaton

5:15pm—Open Mic


Youth Activities

1:30pm—Rick Grecyzk Puppet Show

2:00pm—Jeff Savage

2:30pm—Isabelle Blanchard Storytelling

3:00pm—Morris Blanchard

3:30pm—Mary Moose

4:00pm—Clarissa Blanchard Counting Game

5:00pm—Open Mic



    20 February 2010:

    13 Moons Dibaajimowinan / Storytelling

    There will be a silent auction at the February 20 Storytelling event

    Proceeds from the 13 Moons Dibaajimowinan Silent Auction / Fundraiser will go towards the 2nd Annual Fond du Lac Ojibwemowin Immersion Camp that is set for June 24 – 27th in Sawyer, MN.

    Last years inaugural immersion camp included birch bark basket making, beadwork, board and card games, “frybread on a stick” making sessions, talking circles, canoe races, community meals, and much more.  All of these activities had an Ojibwemowin speaker leading the activities and the language was infused in everything that was done.  There were people of all ages, and families in attendance.  It was an amazing couple of days that many people are looking forward to experiencing again.  This camp was created to help ensure that Ojibwemowin will continue for generations to come. The camp will be free and open to public.

    If you would like to donate one of your art pieces please contact Jim and Pat Northrup at 218-878-0245. See below for examples of donated pieces…we are only able to post those for which we have a photo and/or artist information and descriptions, so the list is not complete. We are asking that the donated items be given by February 5, 2010.  If you should have more questions about your donation please contact Jim and Pat Northrup at 218-878-0245 or email Pat Northrup at If you know of any other people, businesses and/or organizations who may want to donate a high quality item for this silent auction / fundraiser please forward this message to them.

    Chi miigwech for your consideration of this worthy effort and your support of preserving the Ojibwe language.

    Art and Artists (listed in alphabetical order by Artists name)

    Jim Denomie – original painting

    Louse Erdich – Signed book

    Carrie Estey – original Pottery

    Joy Harjo – Signed book

    Cynthia Holmes – original painting

    Charlie Nahgahnub – Wild Rice Kit

    Pat Northrup – beaded handbag

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