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Logo contest

2 February 2011

We are looking for an image that represents 13 Moons, Fond du Lac’s Tribal College Extension Program. The program’s mission is  to connecting Fond du Lac Band and community members to:

Natural resources, by increasing awareness of and knowledge about traditional and other resources;

Knowledge networks, by providing new opportunities for social interaction and education in the context of traditional and other natural resources;

Ojibwe culture, by highlighting and honoring the importance of natural resources in the traditional and contemporary Ojibwe lives and livelihoods.

Consider incorporating one or more of the following into your design:

Ojibwe seasonal activities such as ricing, sugarbush, fishing, hunting, gathering berries, birchbark, etc.

A turtle design representing the 13 moons or changing seasons

The Ojibwe floral design

This contest is open only to enrolled Fond du Lac’ers of any age. The creator of the winning design will receive $200.00 . Six runner up designers will receive gift baskets. Any submitted designs may be featured in this paper. Thirteen Moons holds all rights to the winning logo and submissions. Submit your design to Nikki Crowe by 4:00 pm on April 1st, 2011. Print or electronic submissions welcome. 

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