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Introducing, Nikki Crowe…

2 January 2011

Anniin! My name is Nikki Crowe, the new 13 Moons program coordinator.  I am happy to join the Fond du Lac community.  A little about myself:  I enjoy learning about people and plants.  I have spent some time growing heritage varieties of corn, beans and squash.  One variety of corn I learned about came from Leech Lake, its is called Bear Island flint.  This corn was used for flour and polenta.  I love gardening and believe one way to honor the earth is to sow the earth with good seeds.

I received my Associates degree in Environmental Science at Haskell Indian Nations University. I have worked on several research projects having to do with prairie restoration, plant surveying, and climate change affecting crop plants.

What I hope to see the 13 Moons program accomplish is bringing the community together to learn from one another, gain knowledge of the intrinsic value of our land, air and water resources, the impact of our local economy, and create a knowledge base of traditional ecological skills readily and easily accessible to our younger generation.

I believe the continued success of the 13 Moons program will come from the community of Fond du Lac.  Our elders and elders-in-training will provide the knowledge and wisdom of our Ojibwe traditions and language to guide our youth into a sustainable future for themselves and the land.



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