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Planting seeds for the future

1 July 2010
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By Misty Rose Peterson, RMD Summer Intern

As I write this we are entering the new moon phase. Traditionally this is a time to start new projects and “plant new seeds” for your future and generations after. This is what I have currently been doing in my life. My name is Misty Rose Peterson (daughter of Leo and Connie Peterson). I am the new college intern at Resource Management on Fond-du-Lac reserve. I recently attended Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for environmental studies. I have only been at work with Resource Management for a week and have just attended the 28th annual national Native American Fish and Wildlife Society conference, hosted by Fond du Lac at the Black Bear Casino. This was my first work-related conference and I admit I got a lot more out of it than expected. I enjoyed learning about the different projects that people in natural resources fields have going on. I also enjoyed getting a feel for the different kinds work and tasks that are available in this field, for my future direction in environmental science.

The highlight of the conference for me was the keynote speaker, arctic explorer Will Steger. Steger displayed some really honest and bold information about his own research and findings on climate change. These issues are of utmost importance and concern to me since it is my generation and those after that have to live and survive in this environment in sixty or so years, when many of the changes predicted by Steger will come to pass. Other highlights of the conference were the opening ceremony and invocation done by the drum group and my cousin Rick DeFoe. I thought this was a perfect way to open (and close) the conference. The tours were interesting and the feasts were always delicious. The Wednesday night comedy jam was a definite plus. So in retrospect, my first week of work was great and filled with tons of opportunities. I’m looking forward to this internship this summer, and learning and experiencing all I can with FDL’s Resource Management.

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