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Self-defense against blood thirsty critters

1 June 2010
  • Reduce standing water sources (bird baths, pet dishes, old tires etc.) in our yards.
  • Wear long sleeves, pants, and hats to cover your skin.
  • Use repellants, primary on your clothing. Do not use DEET for infants under two months of age.
  • A wide brimmed hat can keep the deer flies from landing on you.
  • A Bug shirt or head net can give even more protection.
  • Bats eat lots of mosquitoes so construct a bat house and put it in your yard.
  • Avoid Bug zappers and Chemical Bug Bombs. The chemicals are dispersed to the point of ineffectiveness.  Bug zappers kill beneficial insects also.
  • Mosquitoes and No-See-Ums tend to feed at dusk.  If you can, go inside during prime feeding time.
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