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Preparing for the Ogaawag

22 March 2010

Gidaa-oozhiitaamin ji-waaswaayang gaye ji-bagida’awang.

“Lets all get prepared so that we can go spearing and netting”

By Tom Howes

Although it may not seem like it now, spring is on its way. With the arrival of spring comes the opportunity for Fond du Lac Band Members to participate in the walleye spearing and netting harvest in the 1837 Ceded Territory. For 2010, Fond du Lac Reservation has a walleye allocation of 24,000 pounds from Mille Lacs Lake. In an attempt to increase participation, the Fond du Lac Resource Management Division will be hosting the Thirteen Moons educational workshop at 5:00 PM on Thursday, March 18 at the Fond du Lac Resource Management Division Building. The workshop will provide participants a breakdown of the necessary gear, techniques, and knowledge of regulations needed to effectively and safely bring home the ogaawag (walleyes). All attendees at the workshop will have their name placed in a drawing for an asab gaye agoonjoonaaganan (Mille Lacs fishing net and floats).

If you have any questions on the workshop please contact Thomas Howes, Fond du Lac Natural Resources Program Manager at (218) 878-8088 or

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