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28 January 2010

By Shannon Judd

The Fond du Lac Waste Management Site was awarded a recognition plaque from the US Environmental Protection Agency for its enrollment in the National Environmental Priorities Partnership (NPEP).  The goal of NPEP is not only to reduce the amount of hazardous or toxic chemicals produced in manufacturing/industrial process, but to increase the recycling of such materials.  NPEP partners with businesses, industry, federal facilities, municipalities and Tribes who voluntarily pledge to work towards a reduction/recycling goal.  The Fond du Lac Waste Site is one of only two tribal facilities/entities in the nation enrolled in this program.

The annual goal set by the FDL Waste Site is to recycle 1 pound of mercury, diverting it from the waste stream.  The main source of mercury recycled is fluorescent bulbs, although some electronics, thermometers and thermostats also contain mercury.  Mercury is a neurotoxin, meaning it can impair brain development, thinking ability, coordination, and speech.  Without proper disposal and recycling, it can enter our environment, contaminating fish, wildlife and other natural resources upon which we depend.

Chi-miigwetch to the FDL Waste Site Staff: Bill Martineau, Russell DuFault, Waynette Mahr, Jody LaFave, Pam Omundson, and Matt Martineau, and personnel from the Day Labor program.  All work very hard everyday to ensure proper clean-up and disposal of items in order to protect the health of the Fond du Lac Community and its natural resources.

Please continue to do your part!  If you have any questions on how to properly dispose of an item, please contact the FDL Waste Site at 878-8069 or Shannon Judd at 878-8023.

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