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The Moccasin Game

28 January 2010

By Jerry Ojibway

Boozhoo, my name is Ninszhmaganish (Jerrold Ojibway) and I am going to share a teaching.

The moccasin game is not a game but an instrument of teaching and learning by the participants.  Before any one is to be taught they are given the history of Moccasin.  Then they are schooled in the intricate parts of Moccasin; protocol, history, rules to be followed, hands on application of counting and finally what is to be concluded once participant(s) are able to remember all of this without writing any of it down.  Yes, you heard me right, no writing down of teaching(s) of moccasin.  Upon my conclusion with Elders from Mille Lacs (Onamia), this was their last instruction to not write of any of what has been learned and transpired here.  This was after two years of consistently playing Moccasin with them.  I am asking all men with interest to participate in the Thursday games and in this way we may begin to explore the teachings of Moccasin.

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